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Pretorian Worldwide Academy

Pretorian Worldwide is at the forefront of delivering training excellence. We provide training in real time, and adjust accordingly within the realms of dynamic security, encompassing the latest techniques, protocols. This provides both individuals or collectively as a team, a solid platform and knowledge to operate from. Our extensive experience within the realms of law enforcement, military and government backgrounds enable us to seamlessly educate individuals based on both defence and offense with a focus on minimising risk as far as possible. To become an operative for Pretorian Worldwide is a truly extensive selection process. We believe that trust and respect is something that must be earned and not simply a “course to pass” Character traits, abilities, trustworthiness and loyalty are just some of carefully studied aspects assessed before granting the highly respected title of a Pretorian operative. This ensures that Our operatives share and demonstrate the core values of Pretorian Worldwide and abide by Our quality management systems and processes.


We demand excellence.


We are Pretorian Worldwide.


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